Multipurpose Hunting Tools

I went home a few weekends ago (home being northern Maine).  I brought my boys there to hang out with my family and to do some grouse hunting.  It was pretty windy that day, but my cousin managed to drop one bird in my lap.  I got to try out an old Remington 870 (full choke) I recently picked up and I was very pleased with its performance.


My cousin showed me his new ammunition belt.  I shot a glance at it and thought it might be a little overkill, as it was packed with 12 gauge shells, but then he explained it to me.  He had grouse loads, buck shot and slugs.  Different rounds for different tags.  It struck me that what he was doing made absolute sense for me.  Here on our new farm, I’m hunting grouse, turkeys, and deer, now that it’s November.  I nailed a couple of turkeys, too.  They aren’t trophy winners, but they certainly tasted good.



I dug through my storage when I got home and found a bandoleer I made about seven or eight years ago.  I made it just to make it.  Talked about the zombie apocalypse when I showed it to buddies, just for laughs.  It cost me about $3.00 in hobby leather and took me about 4 hours to make.  I’ve got it loaded it with 5 shot, 4 shot, buckshot and some slugs.  As you can see, I was wearing it on both occasions.  I figure if I get out into the wooded area of our property, making my tools work for me in different circumstances just makes sense.

Mike, Oscar, Hotel……out.


3 thoughts on “Multipurpose Hunting Tools

  1. Love the photos, looks like you have had some good scores, but I think you need to put some meat on your bones. You are looking a bit thinner these days. I suppose all the running around your new property makes for a good weight loss regimen. I see a marketing angle in there somewhere. LOL … “House of Howes Health and Weight Loss Farm”. Get the yuppies from the Portland area to come up and pay big money for a two week weight loss program. Its a win-win situation, you make some money, they loose weight, and you get the free labor and split firewood out of it.

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    1. Ha. I’m actually up ten lbs. from the original weight loss. The list of what I can eat keeps narrowing. I eat pretty much non stop, if you can believe it. And I ain’t dealin’ with no yuppies from P-town LOL. Not unless they eat meat and carry guns!

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